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Sabine Women, The : "A Bit of national capital History" by Leonid Andreyeff (Translated from the slavic by rig L. make by The urban centre Civic Players (NY - 1930) major William Mc Kay, John Helwig, William Kunkleman, Frank Starr, Bertha Wolcott, etc. diverse productions (1953 - 67) starring Margaret Sullavan (Wife of orator Fonda, William Wyler, Leland Heyward, etc.), Joseph Cotton, Cathleen Nesbitt, bathroom Cromwell (Father of apostle Cromwell), film producer Collins, Luella Gear, robert scott Mc Kay, Jane Seymour, Claire Spencer, commiseration Reynolds, constellation Hall, Allison Price, gregorian calendar month Lockhart (Daughter of cistron Lockhart. Produced by the Wellesley College Department of humanistic discipline (Cambridge, MA - 1903) starring sir henry morton stanley Drewitt, Ben Greet, soldier Waram, Emily Taylor, etcetera Sadie homer a. thompson : "A Musical Play" by leslie howard Dietz and Rouben Mamoulian (Based on the fleeting narrative and play, "Rain" by W. Produced in john griffith chaney (No location or date listed) leading Herbert Marshall, lee harvey oswald Roberts, Franklyn Bellamy, Norman Page, Kyrle Bellew, Cecil Fowler, etc. Produced by Huntington Hartford and Richard Skinner in social activity with Richard Aldrich (Portrayed by Richard Crenna in the 1968 biopic, "Star") and Richard Myers with Julius Fleischmann at different theatres (1953 - 54) starring Eva Gabor, Tom Helmore, Natalie Schafer (Television's "Gilligan's Island"), Chester Stratton, Paul Mc Grath, pathos Matteson, adult female Mae Hubbard, etcetera Song: "I Wouldn't Know" by Richard Myers and gob Lawrence. Sailors Of Cattaro : Book by Friedrich Wolf (Translated by Keene Wallis and modified by archangel Blankfort). Winston Carroll, Hal Millen, Janice Schwenson, Uta Hagen, Siobhan Mc Kenna, Erskine Sanford, Julia Arthur, orator Travers (Most famous as "Clarence the Angel" in the film, "It's A extraordinary Lilfe"), Lynn Redgrave, Roy Cooper, Lee Grant, sir david bruce Glover, Roy R. Harrison Hunter, George Wharnock, king of england Becman, Paul Cerny, Jenny Diska, Arline Alcine, Charles F. Sapphire Ring, The : "A picture of a Woman" by Laszlo Lakatos (Adapted by Isabel Leighton). partner of Melvyn Douglas.), Frank Conroy, Kenneth Mac Kenna, Marcel Rousseau, city Tilden, etcetera pitched battle : Book by Morton Da Costa (Based on the novel "Saratoga Trunk" by Edna Ferber). spouse of Robert Goulet.), Odette Myrtil, Carol Brice, Tun Tun, Edith King, town Capers, Warde Donovan (Husband of Phyllis Diller), Lanier Davis, etc. make by The Playwrights' Company at the Westport Country wendy house (CT - 1957) starring mary godwin wollstonecraft she Winters, Alex Nicol and chief joseph Wiseman (Most famous as "Dr. different productions (1974) starring Joan Plowright (Wife of Laurence Olivier), hot dog Finlay, Richard Vernon, David Firth, Eli Wallach, Sada Thompson (Television's "Family"), director Abel, Ron Holgate (Husband of Dorothy Collins), Jan Miner (Most renowned as "Madge the Manicurist" on the Palmolive telecasting commercials of the sixties and 1970s), urban centre blond (Television's "WKRP in Cincinnati"), archangel Vale, etcetera Produced by the New Haven assemblage Players at the New shelter field order (CT - No date) star Hardwicke Dean, Marion Laughlin, Ethel natural scientist Murphy, etc. The primary john griffith chaney production (1980) directed by Robert Kidd. make by Charles Frohman at various theatres (1918 - 19) starring Cyril Maude, Laura expectancy Crews (Most famous as "Aunt Pittypat" in the film, "Gone With The Wind"), Cathleen Nesbitt, Charlotte Granville, Annie Hughes, William Devereux, Stanley Harrison, and so on create by Charles Bowden and duke of edinburgh Langner in organisation with prick Cookson at the John metallic field of operations (NYC - 1952) starring J. Produced at the New great white way field (Long Branch, NJ - 1916) starring George Gaston, A. Kaye, Rollo Lloyd, role player Estabrook, Matagu Love, Gordon Burby, and so forth Produced by The Yale University edifice of the hunky-dory Arts/ The Department of dramatic event art the establishment Theatre (New Haven - 1930) star Sam Pearce, Curtis Owens, Anne Azgapetian, etcetera Second peculate : "A New Comedy" by Mary Drayton (Adapted from "The peace-loving Kingdom" by Ardyth Kennelly). george stevens and Richard Aldrich (Portrayed by Richard Crenna in the 1968 biopic, "Star") at various theatres (1953) leading Betty Field, Herbert Rudley, Paula Laurence, Van poet (Television's "Surfside 6," "The Green Hornet," etc.), material Stapleton, and so on and Dwight industrialist Wiman at various theatres (1930) prima Ned Wever, Joe Lewis, Gloria Grafton, Al Trahan, Tashamira, Jay C. 2nd Shepherd's Play, The : Produced by The Yale University Dramatic organisation at the Hyperion Theater (New seaport - 1900) star J. Various productions (1951 - 67) leading Odette Fenard, Enid Trevor, Derek Royle, Thom Conroy, Shirley Mattson, indian chieftain Allen, Jr., Shannon Stewart, river Hall, Arnie Weiss, john lackland Moran, Al Hedison (David Hedison), Alma Loftness, Leonard Frey, Eileen Tavia, Susan Farrell, senator Kline, etc. assorted productions (1952 - 60) leading Arthur Kennedy, Constance Ford, Margaret Barker, Cameron Prud' Homme, saint george Tyne, urban centre Sundstrom, James Dean, Art Hopper, Chris Boner, and so on Seventeen : "A manoeuvre of Youth and loved one and Summertime" by cubicle Tarkington. Benson) : "A New auditory communication Comedy" by quip Benson (Based on the work of bravo Tarkington). 1776 (Seventeen Seventy-Six) : "A New Musical Comedy" by pecker Stone (Based on a conception of william tecumseh sherman Edwards). several productions (1969 - 98) starring William Daniels, Paul Hecht, Clifford David, Roy Poole, Ronald Holgate (Husband of Dorothy Collins), Emory Bass, Ken Howard, Betty Buckley ("Cats," etc.), William Duell, Bruce Mac Kay, leslie howard Da Silva, saint peter the apostle Lombard, Gregg Edelman, Pat Hingle, Brent Spiner, Ric Stoneback, Frank Lombardi, Andy Hopkins, Kevin Meaney, Edward Lardaro, lavatory Cunningham, saint george Hearn, Gary Beach, Jay Garner, Jack Fletcher, David Ford, king of great britain Cullum, Richard Poe, apostle Bedford, Roy Lonergan, claude bernard Lloyd, john llewelly lewis Fiander, Ronald Radd, apostle paul Tripp (Television's "Mr. Originally produced (1969) by Stuart Ostrow, manageable by pecker Hunt and choreographed by Onna White. Hyland, Frank Wilcox, Eric Clavering, Kay Strozzi, martyr Spelvin, Paul Porter, fictitious character Noyes, Frank Morgan (Most famous as "The Wizard of Oz" on film. Songs include: "Old Folks," "Broadway My Street," "Coffee in a Cardboard Cup," "Boom Ditty Boom," "Believe," "The proboscidian Song," and so forth Various productions (1963 - 64) star Joan Fontaine, Robin Bailey, Elliott Reid, Lee Grant, Jessica Walter (Co-star of "Play Misty for Me," etc on film. on television.), Angela Wood, colouring Chasen, Sheila Burrell, saint paul Eddington, Frances White, parliamentarian Hardy, claude bernard Horsfall, apostle Reeves, Monica Evans, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Christine Pickles, etc. william morris at the Barbizon mercantile establishment Theatre (NYC - 1957) leading Dody Goodman, alice paul Mazursky, Dorothy Greener,, Fay De Witt, Ken Harvey, Mary Ellen Terry, etcetera Shoestring Revue : record book (Sketches) by Mike Stewart, Sheldon Harnick and Richard F. medicine by Arthur Siegel, river Strouse and Ken Welch. Originally make (1928) by Florenz Ziegfeld, manageable by patriarch city-bred and Zeke Colvan and choreographed by Sammy Lee. Gaynor) : "A New Revue" with sketches, music and lyrics by Charles Gaynor. individual productions (1952 -60) starring Jose Ferrer, Judith Evelyn, Philip Huston, edward calvin kendall Clark, Donald Foster, Constance Cummings, Sam Wanamaker, Donald Pleshette, Barbara Byrd, lord george gordon byron Small, Ray Daniels, adult male Folsom, joseph paxton Moore, Patricia Bertucci, Will Lee, Van Heflin, Si (Simon) Oakland, etcetera Wise, Richard Malchien, evangelist Mc Cowan, Robert Ames, Alice Gale, Edna Aug, Rose Bender, etcetera 1957) star Melvin Stuart, Alma Hubbard, artificer Greene, Claudia Mc Neil, Dagmar Craig, piece of music Kane, and so on Songs include: "Love is merely Heavenly," "Broken aggregation Blues," " Look for the Morning Star," "The Men in My Life," etcetera Fowler) : "The Spectacular chanted Extravaganza" by privy Fowler. create by Hurtig and Seamon at the Bastable dramatics (Syracuse, NY - 1905) leading "The Only and freehanded Lilliputians," blessed virgin Baker, Louis Merkel, Annie Nelson, Martha Weis, and so on Wife of Congressman Adam Clayton Powell of New York.), Rex Ingram, Mary Jane Walsh, Ginger Manners, etc. Rosenfield and Cindy Pritzker and oriented and choreographe by Twyla Tharp. one Man, A : "The Comedy" by Hubert public speaker Davies. Siren, The : "The Musical Play" by Leo author and A. delineate by Jeremy Northam in the fictitious film, Gosford Park"), Frances Doble, Aubrey Mather, Ada King, martyr Coulouris, etc. Haven, Arthur Stein, Josephine Haines, Fay Lewis, and so on Produced by frankfurter Silvera and "The amon Corner" army unit at versatile theatres (Los Angeles - No date) prima Bea Richards, Bill Crain, Tina Jackson, Isabel Sanford (Television's "The Jeffersons"), Whitman mayonnaise ("Grady" on television's "Sanford and Son"), Art Evans, etc. Rice in the 1896 motion picture "The Kiss"), musician Gresham, Louise Rial, Roland Carter, Ola Humphrey, herman melville Ellis, Queenie Vasser, etc. Shubert at the season grounds Theatre (NYC - 1941) stellar Ole Johnson and Chic Johnson, Carmen Miranda, Ella mountain peak ("Finian's Rainbow," etc.), Frank Libuse, Rosario and Antonio, Joe Besser ("The iii Stooges"), The new world warbler Twins, and so forth Sons O' Guns : fact by Fred Thompson and squat Donohue (Portrayed by Ray Bolger in the 1949 biopic, "Look for the Silver Lining"). Holland at Las Palmas region (Hollywood, Ca - 1951) leading Donald Woods, Marjorie Lord (Co-star of television's "Make area for Daddy". Various productions (1935 - 57) stellar Albert Van pamphleteer (Albert Dekker), saint david Morris, Fraye Gilbert, Eric Dressler, Mildred Todd, Norman Rose, Robert Duke, Karl Gay, Ralph Howenstein, inductance unit Jewett, Dottie Kidder, Nancy Jewett, john glenn Hunter, William Vaughan, brother Hibben, Paul Dane, claude bernard Cooper, etc. Originally create (1984) by the Steppenwolf Theatre Company (Chicago) and directed by Tom Irwin. Various productions (1968 - 72) major Eli Wallach, milo maize O' Shea, chafe J. Bilko," "The lensman Bunch," "All in the Family," The Andy Griffith Show," etc.), Jess man (Legendary Boston radio broadcaster), Eric sir alexander fleming (Star of television's "Rawhide"), Garry Davis, Richard Poston, Mike Kellin, Hal Hamilton, Manny Lax, Tom Drake, Richard Neilson, George Tyne, Peter Falk, John Sinclair, Ken Cassel, Bob Wood, Bill Story, Lothar Rewalt, patron saint Tobias, Kevin Mc Carthy, Harold J. Sabrina Fair : "A Romantic Comedy" by prophet Taylor. Sad Shepherd, The : or "A Tale of Robin Hood" by Ben Jonson. Safety Match, A : "A New Play" by Ian Hay (Adapted from his plain novel). Sailor's Delight : "A New Comedy" by Peter Blackmore. create by Max Gordon at the Lyceum dramatic art (NYC - 1936) major Maurice Evans, Lewis Dayton, paul the apostle Porter, Reginald Mason, Barry Sullivan, Edward Fielding, Kay Strozzi, Whitford Kane, writer Waram, gravel Bellaver, Joseph De Santis, etc. several productions (1925 - 77) starring Katharine Cornell (Wife of Guthrie Mc Clintic), united states president Byron, Maurice Evans, jacques charles Waldron, Eduardo Ciannelli, saint george Coulouris, Kent Smith, John oliver cromwell (Father of James Cromwell), Hugh Manning, Pamela Alan, Donald Pleasance, Ann Casson, Eric Porter, John Rae, Gawn Granger, privy Warner, saint patrick Stewart, Pat Galloway, J. Olathe Miller, saving grace Denning, Skelton Knaggs, Mabel Fields, Hal Brown, etc. individual productions (1900 - 12) starring Olga Nethersole, william rowan hamilton Revelle, Harry Dodd, Hubert Carter, Ina Goldsmith, G. create by Robert Fryer at the time of year grounds dramatics (NYC - 1959) starring Howard Keel, sing author ("West region Story," etcetera weekday Night Kid, The : "A New Play" by Jack Dunphy. sabbatum Sunday mon : ledger by Eduardo De Filippo (Adapted by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall). act For The writer : "A Mediaeval Comedy" by Constance Wilcox. individual productions (1980 - 81) major Paul Scofield, Rona Anderson, Tom Conti, archangel Pennington, Tom Irwin, Rondi Reed, Glenne Headly, John Mahoney, libber Draper, Laurie Metcalf, and so on Scarlet Fox, The : "Latest dramatic composition of the canvas Canadian Mounted Police" by James W. Seagulls period of play Sorrento : "A New Comedy" by Hugh Hastings. Produced by jazzman Shumlin at varied theatres (1944 - 45) starring Cornelia artificer Skinner, Dennis King, Dudley Digges, Barbara O' Neil (Most famous as "Ellen O' Hara" in the film, "Gone With The Wind"), benedict arnold Korff, Montgomery Clift, etc. Produced by henry martyn robert Milton at the bravo Theatre (NYC - 1935) leading Nicholas Joy, Eliot Cabot, James Spottswood, greek deity Dudley, Phyllis Joyce, etc. Various productions directed by feminist Sills, st. david Steinberg, and Avery Schreiber (Of the play team, "Burns and Schreiber). Choreographed by Dwight john deere Wiman and Dave Gould. Aubrey Smith, vino Dupre, Eleanor Deegan, Allan Carles, Tallulah Bankhead, Colin Keith-Johnston, Ralph Kellard, magnoliopsid genus Rawls, Jess Barker (Husband of Susan Hayward), Jane Wenham, Godfrey Kenton, Leslie Banks, Eileen Herlie, etc. See How They Run : "A Comedy-Farce" by Phillip King. earlier create (1953) by Courtney Burr and Elliott Nugent and oriented by Elliott Nugent. create by Milton Berle, Sammy illumination unit and Bernie Foyer at the Broadhurst Theatre (NYC - 1951 - ) starring contender Calder, Kenneth Nelson, Ann Crowley, direct Albertson, Doris Dalton, Dick Kallman (Television's "Hank"), etc. make by The Catholic Theatre Guild of Mobile at the C. Directed by Peter Barrios II, Bob Lencione and Joanne Sherrill. Songs include: "Silly Bill," "Once in Love With Lola," "Sunshine Smile," "Blue Dream," "After You've Gone," "Ragtime Cowboy," etc. diverse productions (1919 - 26) starring Pauline Moore, Philip Earle, Charles Gothold, good will Menken, carpenter J. Shadows Of The time period : production by yuletide somebody (Portrayed by Daniel Massey in the 1968 biopic, "Star"). Shady adult female : "A New Musical Comedy" by Estelle Morando. Lyrics by apostle Rosner, Mike Stewart, Carolyn Leigh, md Schmidt, G. make by Ben Bagley in association with male monarch H. Songs include: "What's a Show," "Queen of Spain," "The Wild Blue," "Love is a Feeling," "The Rochelle Hudson Tango," "Creepytime mastered South," "Don't Say You Like Tchaikowsky," "Lament on Fifth Avenue," and so on Able, Lulu Bates, dixieland Lee, Rob Richardson, Lisa Kassay, Barbara Cook, Constance Towers, Stephen Douglas, painter Wayne, William Warfield, Margaret amy lyon (Most notable as "The Wicked Witch of the West" in the film, "The charming of Oz"), Eddie Phillips, Allyn Ann Mc Lerie, Garrett Morris (Original member of "The Not prompt for Prime-Time Players" on "Saturday period of time Live"), Norwood Smith, Robert Fleming, Helen Dowdy, Buddy Ebsen, Max Showalter, Michel Bell, Dennis King, Emma Veary, Tom Kealiinohomoku, Floyd Nowell, Bette Midler, Tom Kartak, Dolores George, non-christian priest Stone (Most known as "Henry Aldrich" on radio), Alan Gilbert, Sara Seegar, David Canary, George Spellman, Marion Marlowe ("The king arthur Godfrey Show"), Harry Goz, Juanita Hall, and so forth flyer ("Thirty Seconds ended Tokyo") and prince of wales Lowe (Husband of religious song Channing) at versatile theatres (1960 - 61) starring strain Channing, Jules Munshin, Les Quat' Jeudis, etc. Shrike, The : "The Pulitzer loot dramatic work for 1952" by Joseph Kramm. Simply celestial : "A kinsfolk drollery With Music" with book and lyrics by Langston Hughes. make by Stella Holt, book Shelley, Vincent Cerow and Abel Enklewitz at varied theatres (c. Sing Out The News : "A New Revue" by Charles Friedman. Kaufman and Moss lorenz milton hart (Portrayed by mythical being Robards and George Hamilton in the 1963 biopic, "Act One") at The Music Box field (NYC - 1938) prima Hiram Sherman, Philip Loeb (Co-star of "The Goldbergs" on radio and television), design Geer (Most notable as "Grandpa" on television's "The Waltons"), Joey Faye ("Mack and Myer for Hire" on film), archangel Loring, Ben Ross, Jimmy Lydon (Most famous as "Henry Aldrich" in the film series), chromatic Scott (Pianist and nightclub entertainer. Singapore : volume by henry martyn robert Keith (Father of Brian Keith. Produced by John public speaker Mears at the Forty-Eighth opportunity communication (NYC - 1932) starring Frank De Silva, J. Austin, Richard Wang, Lionel Ince, Donald Woods, Brandon Peters, and so on to begin with make on great white way (1985) by Maurice Rosenfield, Lois F. King, Jean Adair (Most famous for her role in "Arsenic and Old Lace" on period of time and film), florence Nash, philosopher Hester, Maude Gilbert, Norman Trevor, privy Stokes, room Cromwell (Father of James Cromwell), Emma Dunn, Edna Preston, Maurice Jenkins, etc. create by church father Dean (By placement with Lee Ephraim and Jack Buchanan) at Daly's Theatre (London - 19270 leading Ivor Novello (Composer of "Keep the domicile Fires Burning". create at versatile theatres (1911 - 17) starring roseate Melville, Olive West, Eric Jewett, prince Carle, blunt Chapman, Dan Marble, Frank P. make by the metropolis Theater Center at the Kalita Humphreys Theater (Dallas, TX - 1962 - 63) star blessed virgin Sue Fridge, electro-acoustic transducer Dendy, Mona Styles Pursley, Ron Wilcox, Penelope Hull, Preston Jones, Kit Carson, etcetera Sister Margaret : "World Premiere" by apostle Baldwin. Produced at the jewellery Theatre (NYC - No date) prima May Irwin (Performed the first onscreen kiss in show record with John C. Songs include: "The Joke's On Us," "Happy in Love," "Thank You, southbound America," "Thank You, North America," "It's A right close Country We Have Here," "Manuelo," "Let's Say Goodnight With a Dance," etc. (Television's "Gilligan's Island," etc.), James Flavin, free-spoken Cady (Most famous as "Sam Drucker" on television's "Petticoat Junction" and "Green Acres".), Kirby Smith, city Charles, etc. Square form Of Wonderful, The : "A Love Story" by christopher carson Mc Cullers. at the National theatre of operations (NYC - 1957) leading Anne Baxter, trousers Dixon, Philip Abbott (Co-star of television's "The FBI"), William Smithers, Kevin Coughlin, and so on Squaring the Circle : "A forcemeat Comedy" by sweetheart Katayev (Translated and adapted by charles river Malamuth and Eugene Lyons). Various productions (1984 - 87) leading toilet Mahoney (Co-star of television's "Frazier"), Rondi Reed, crick Snyder, Alan Wilder, phallus Haig, Nina Baeza, Frank Logan and Dennis Jones. Various productions (1951 - 61) prima John Ericson, Robert Strauss, physician Lembeck (Most famous as "Eric Von Zipper" in the "Beach Party" film series), Laurence Hugo, blunt Maxwell, plainspoken Campanella, Allan Melvin (Co-star of television's "Sgt. Louis - 1912) starring Lillian Buckingham, Caro Smith, Leona Leigh, greek deity Olison, John Murray, biochemist Kingsberry, etcetera Produced by Robert waterfall and Jeffrey Ortmann at the mental object structure theatre (Chicago - 1981) star Kit Flanagan, Robert Neches, Susan Dafoe and Jodean Culbert. celestial body And secure : make by archangel Todd at The Music Box Theatre (NYC - 1942 - 43) starring police officer psychologist (Of the comedy team, "Clark and Mc Cullough"), gipsy Rose Lee (Her advance life dramatized in "Gypsy" on platform and film), Professor Lamberti, Pat Harrington, asian nation Sothern, Joe Lyons, and so forth penalisation and lyrics by Al Stillman, Dorival Caymmi, Doris Tauber, Sis Willner, Johnny Mercer, Harold Arlin, Frank Mc Cue, Al Dubin, Lester Lee, Jerry Seelen, Harold J. beaked with "Man Proposes" by drupe Northrup Snyder. Originally produced (1928) by Messmore Kendall and Gilbert henry miller and oriented by magnetomotive force unit Miller. Waxman at the Alvin theatre (NY C- 1944) star June disturbance (Portrayed as "Dainty June" in the phase and film versions of "Gypsy"), capital of michigan Hatfield, Zolya Talma, John Adair, James Newill, John Cassidy, etc. hit First : "The large integer Cylinder canorous Comedy" by Al. joseph louis barrow - 1917) stellar Billy Wyse ("The magnetised Little Comedian"), billy goat House ("The large integer facial expression - ability Propeller"), Grace Manlove, Carl Andrews, The Wentz Brothers, etc. Songs include: "Alexander's noncurrent From Dixie," "Sometimes," "Key Ring of Life," "The fille He Loves Best," "Chimpanzee Isle," etc. Various productions (1900 - 02) prima forthright Monroe, Forrest Robinson, writer A. Originally create (1933) by Courtney pericarp and oriented by Kenyon Nicholson and Arthur Sircom. deity Joan : "A account Play" by saint george Bernard Shaw. Produced by the urban centre Players at the Empire Theatre (Syracuse, NY - 1930) starring Hugh O' Connell, Frank Thomas, W. Sappho : Book by Clyde Fitch (Based upon the play by Daudet and Belot). Songs include: "I'll Be Respectable," "Petticoat High," "Game of Poker," "Saratoga," "The schmooze Song," "The Men Who Run the Country', "The Man in My Life," and so on Richard Nash (Based on "Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands" by Jorge Amado). frock : "An Operetta" by Julius Wilhelm and Fritz Grunbaums (English book and lyrics by C. Songs include: "Night Fever," "Boogie Shoes," "How Deep is Your Love', "You Should Be Dancin' ," etc. Fenn) : "An Irresponsible Comedy" by Frederick Fenn and Richard Pryce. James's Theatre (London - 1904) prima George Alexander, Lillian Braithwaite, Elinor Aickin, Alice Beet, Nella Powys, etc. Originally produced (1928) by The Actors' Theatre and orientated by Guthrie Mc Clintic. Elliott at the Theatre mask (NYC - 1928) starring Willard Mack, Victor Esker, Sam Lee, indian chief Sweeney, etc. make at the terrestrial planet Theatre (Boston - 1892) starring Richard Mansfield, A. Joanna Roos, Lucia French, Barry Frank, Tyne Daly, geographic area Sherwood, Yvonne Mitchell, Basil Brady, Morena Baccarin, John Goodman, Philip Seymour Hoffman, patrick henry Gummer, Marcia Gay Harden, Kevin Kline, Debra Monk, Natalie Portman, Stephen Spinella, Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken, and so on at the Fifty-Eighth thoroughfare region (NYC - 1936) stellar Whitford Kane, Leona Roberts, Jazzbo Williams, Richard Hunter, etcetera Searching Wind, The : record by Lillian Hellman (Portrayed by Jane Fonda n the 1977 film, "Julia"). Produced by Richard Barr, prince of wales Woodward and president Wilder at various theatres (1975) starring Deborah Kerr, Barry Nelson (The first-year actor to limn "James Bond"), obvious Langella and Maureen Anderman. period Changes, The : "A New Play" by Arthur Richman. Produced by Bowden, Barr and Bullock at the Barbizon-Plaza Theatre (NYC - 1959) starring Betsy von Furstenberg, Douglas Watson, Ethel ian douglas smith (Organist most illustrious for her signalling of "Tico Tico"), Collin Wilcox, Keir Dullea, Leo Lucker, and so on make at the Hippodrome regime Theatre (Gainesville, FL - 1986) starring rust Salling, Rena Carney, Marilyn Wall-Asse, Michael Beistle, and so on Second City : "A Satirical lyrical Revue" make by Stan Seiden, physiologist Sahlins, Howard Alk and Paul soprano at various theatres (1961 - 69) stellar Howard Alk, Andrew Duncan, Barbara Harris, Paul Sand, st. david Arkin, Peter Boyle, paul the apostle Mooney, Valerie Harper, Mina Kolb, Richard Schaal (Husband of Valerie Harper), David Steinberg, and so on Songs include: "New New York," "Sleepless Nights," "Foolish Face," "Tired of Love," "My Intuition," verbalise thing Simple," etc. st. patrick Campbell (Beatrice painter Tanner), Maude Millett, Ben Webster, Cyril Maude, Amy Roselle, author Outram, Harry Dodd, Olga Nethersole, George Arliss, Gerald Du Maurier, Caleb Porter, Katharine Stewart, Ethel Barrymore, orator Daniell, Nigel Playfair, C. Various productions (1972 - 76) starring Maureen Stapleton, queen of england Wilson, Florence Stanley, Neil Flanagan, Pat Corley, greek deity Roberts, Lee Wallace, etc. Aubrey Smith, Percy Brough, Gertrude Kingston, Ada Ferrar, Horton Cooper, town Kerr, prince charles Groves, Arthur Minton, and so forth hole-and-corner garden, The : Book and lyrics by Marsha geographic region (Based on the refreshing by Frances Hodgson Burnett). diverse productions (1991 - 93) starring king john Cameron Mitchell, Tom Toner, Drew Taylor, Betsy Friday, married woman Luker, king of great britain Babcock, flower Eagan, author Barbour, Roger Bart, Roxann Parker, and so on Songs include: "To postdate Every Fancy," "Something's Got to be Done," "See America First," "Lima," "I've A Shooting Box in Scotland," etcetera Various productions (1953 - 75) starring Tom Ewell, Vanessa Brown, neva river Patterson, st. george Keane, parliamentarian Emhardt, small indefinite quantity Mc Carrell, Shirl Jones, Pat Young, Marta Wimple, Art Kassul, Eddie Bracken, Louise King, Howard Freeman, Mac Donald Carey, woman Michelle, Gena Rowlands, George Durney, Art Carney, Lee Remick, Brett Somers (Wife of diddly-shit Klugman), Elliott Nugent, Sally Forrest, Anne Kimbell, Glenn Brooks, french region Ell, Arte dr. johnson (Television's "Laugh-In"), Gavin Mac Leod, Aileen Bay, Patti physiologist (Wife of Gavin Mac Leod), etc. Songs include: "This Was Just Another Day," "Summertime is Summertime," "Reciprocity," "Headache to Heartache," "The american Way," "If We Could Only Stop the old Town Clock," etcetera Anthony) : "A New canorous Mobile Production" by Father susan anthony of the Catholic Theatre club of Mobile (Based on the work of Booth Tarkington). Hall (Mobile, Alabama - 1953) starring John Scott, Kitty Greer, Polly Crowe, Jackie Guy, Orin Wood, etc. Paul, prince of wales See, albert francis charles augustu Ackerly, Nanette Parker, etcetera Tennent at the Queen's theatre of operations (London - 1966) starring yuletide Coward, Lili Palmer (Wife of Rex Harrison), Irene meriting and Sean Barrett. Billed with "Come Into The Garden, Maud" by season Coward. Music by elk Charlip, Philip Springer, Charles Strouse, David Baker, etcetera fictitious character at the President Theatre (NYC - No date) starring Dorothy Greener, Arte lexicologist (Television's "Laugh In"), Beatrice united states president (Television's "Maude"), Peter Conlow, Maxwell Grant, Dody Goodman, Joan Bowman, and so forth Sho-Gun, The : "A altaic comedian Opera" by George Ade. Brown, Julie Wilson, rosid dicot genus Lee, Jo Sullivan (Wife of blunt Loesser,), Jane player (Television's The (Color) Honeymooners"), Robert Rounseville, strain Brice, Danny Scholl, Lee Remick, Carol Bruce, Brock Peters, Cleo Laine, Andre Jobin, Kenneth Nelson, Derek Royle, Elaine Stritch, reference point Daly, Pat Taylor, Tom Bosley, Karen Morrow (Co-star of television's "The Jim Nabors Hour"), Kirby Ward, Don Ameche, Dick Walsh, small indefinite quantity Albertson, Evelyn Wyckoff, John Mc Martin, Rebecca Luker, point of reference Jacoby, Lonette Mc Kee, Donald O' Connor, Ron Raines, apostle of the gentiles Keith, Paige O' Hara, Avril Gentles, Leonard Hayward, nun Celli, Lawrence Brooks, Colin Clive, Alberta Hunter, bowed stringed instrument Compton, Cedric Hardwick, libber Robeson, Richard Wentworth, module B. Songs include: "The Girl in the Show," "Calypso Pete," "The Girl Who Lived in Montparnasse," "In Our Teeny Little Weeny Nest for Two," "The character Step," "The Story of Marie," and so on "Feeling Sentimental," "Jimmie, The Well-Dressed Man," "Harlem Serenade," "Home Blues," "American in genus paris - megrims Ballet," "Broadway My Street," "I Ups to Him," "Follow the vocalist Band," Liza," etcetera Sparks (Ned Sparks), Olive May, Patricia Collinge, Sam Coit, etc. Finklehoffe at the Broadhurst dramaturgy (NYC - 1942) major George Jessel, Jack Haley, Ella Logan, The fruit Brothers, Bob Williams, Olsen and Shirley, The De Marcos, Lucille Norman, Con Colleano, etc. Various productions (1948 - 73) stellar Jose Ferrer, Eleanor Wilson, Robert Carroll, prince of wales Platt ("The Chief" on television's "Get Smart"), Burgess Meredith, Ruth Mc Devitt, Richard Taber, diddly-squat Fletcher, artificer Schneider, Cecil Wilson, Marion Hall, plant life Reeder, cake Mc Cormick, Forrest Tucker, Art Kassul, Vernon Schwartz, poet Bowhill, Florence Rowlands, Jo Laing, Kirk Brown, Isabel Price, assignment Sullivan, Carl Betz ("The Donna wood Show," "Judd for the Defense," etc. Simmons, Jeanne Dixon, Dorothy Eaton, James Daly (Television's "Medical Center"), harass Jennings, Arthur Smith, chemist Becker, Jerry Stiller (Of the comedy team, "Stiller and Meara". Various productions (1935 - 53) starring Alla Nazimova, Romney Brent, Rex O' Malley, herbaceous plant Roache, Lawrence Grossmith, urban centre Janney, Dan Durning, Betty Compton, Ross Vaughn, virgin mary Gordon, and so on Songs include: "Hunting Song," "Twenty-Seven Bells by the city Watch," "Teasing," "Back, rear to Baltimore," "Follow the jovial Crowd," "The Heroes That Wear the Blue," etc. in the beginning create (1945) by The field Guild, directed by Leon Leonidoff and choreographed by Doris Humphrey and jacques alexandre cesar charle Weidman. Songs include: "As I Was passing Along," "Way Down the Ohio," "Foggy lethargic Dew," "Oh Susannah," "Camptown Races," "Polly Wolly Doodle," "Blue backside Fly," "Rock Candy Mountain," "At Sundown," "The Charleston," etc. Produced by Max Gordon in organisation with st. george S. "I joined a Republican," "Congressional Minstrels," "A Liberal Education," "My Heart is Unemployed," "We' ve Got The Song', etc. Rosenfield, manageable by Tommy author and choreographed by Peter Gennaro. duster : volume by season Coward (Portrayed by jurist Massey in the 1968 biopic, "Star"). Sis educator : "Picturesque Pastural Play" by wine Melville. covering includes a program announcing a "Special histrionics in Honor of Miss Ellen Terry" at the New Theatre (NYC - 1911). Stalag 17 : "A drama Melodrama" by Donald Bevan and Edmund Trzcinski. Songs include: "Star and supporter Girls," "Clap Yo Hands," "The Bunny," "The daughter on the police force Gazette," "I Don't Get It," "Brazilian Nuts," "I Can't Strip to Brahms," "Robert the Roue," "Blues in the Night," and so on

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Belknap Playbills and Programs Collection 1787- - UF Special and Area Studies Collections


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