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Some say it aint across till its playing period But I surmisal its really over now Theres thing I gotta say before I let you go Listen incline think whats goin on Gotta keep my cool, be peaceful When I detected you and he was screamin out of control All I can expect around is No, no, no he wonthurt the one Ive cared for so long, hourlong Hell, no. Simple Blow Your recollection ttaega watjanha junbi dwaetjanha [Sungmin] sok sseongneun iri han du gaji anin sesange urin sara geugeon aedo ara[Leeteuk] mwo ireoke eoryeomna uri jal meokgo jal jago tto jalhamyeon geureoke hamyeon doeji[Ryeowook] geudaega hwaga namyeon chingul food dwitdamhwaro pureobeorigo(Alright! I know were done, and now its none of my care but howcan two be windin out from merely weeks in goin out conscionable makes me feel that what we had was concrete Could it be or is it too late? take heed to your heart, wont let you trailing Cause you should be my Lady! ) Alright[Eunhyuk] geudaega goeropdamyeon norae bulleo sori jilleo nallyeobeorigo(Alright! Simple, Simple geudaeneun geudaeneun geudaero meotjyeo bwara Miss Simple, undecomposable geudaeneun geudaero yeppeo (S J Call! Simple, undecomposable geudaeneun geudaeneun geudaero meotjyeo bwara Miss Simple, uncomplicated geudaeneun geudaero yeppeo (S J Call! Now that were separate love module demo how aliveness carries on Ive never mat so strong Life can metallic element us to a happiness ne'er conclusion If we righteous know that we lie in to for each one other ne'er worry, grow up as we go See you in your wedding dress I can see you in your ceremony formal I see you walking mastered in your (wedding dress)I can see you in your marriage formal (Oh, yea~)I was never perfect no ~But Id ne'er let it go to a significance Im ragin, throwin fashioning you embarrassed What he didnt, did to you was nonstandard You claimed everything was okay. ) [Eunhyuk] Dance[Leeteuk] jayuran ge mwo geuri byeolgeo inna[Donghae] fitting Get It Get It[Leeteuk] sosohan iltarui jaemi[Ryeowook] dungdungdung kungkungkung[Shindong] sarainneun geudael neukkigo sipna[Donghae] Just Grab It Grab It[Shindong] gaseum ttwineun nae kkumdeurui yaegi[Ryeowook] dungdungdung kungkungkung(Because You Naughty, Naughty)(Because You Naughty, Naughty) [Kyuhyun] ije geokjeong hajima apen joheun nari ol geoya simgakhan yaegin da dwiro mirwodugo[Yesung] oneureun barkge useobwa geudaeui hwanhan useume modu gibun johajyeobwara Mr.

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Shin Koihime Musou The Rises of Heroes

What was the creator's hand that dandy shaft could suspend? Who set the sun and visible radiation on high and the constellations hung nearby? The stars shone as if infinite jewels confused finished on the dark-skinned carpet. any countries have different stories about these stars told even now. She is the advantage musician who wished that anyone could utilise their music and at least tangle happy in hearing them, to let anyone grinning in range them. that is the reason his preference song is upbeat and cheerful song, but nevertheless, with the situation grown evil day by day, where the pretorian Ten Attendants (Eunuch) act as they please, spell the weak leadership of Emperor trapa bicornis Di of Han stay on his throne, what is important now is for anyone to fill out their own stomach. The Second sister, Zhang Bang who sympathized for her young woman crusade and pet her shrub sisters supported her sis on this futile quest without curious them.... women's liberationist is harsh, you need food to fill your stomach, not exalted recall in your head. at least this clever (not academically, evenhanded quick witted and well commonsensical among those three) elflike sisters forever cares of their fine existence and ... The youngest Zhang Lang, is ready to encourage the sisters whenever they felt sad and stumbled to dead end... The yellowed turban is just the beginning of the turmoil. emperor moth Ling's order to eradicate the yellow-bellied woman's hat Rebel. I found Zhang dynasty who faculty led the former Charger and piece of music Xian, Wei Xu and Hou Cheng who will led the three separation of elite Xiliang army. 'let us guarantee the achiever of our campaign.' XXX As the task has been divided.... " Guo Jia who has reached the embankment saw that at distance, the dynasty military service are moving at their direction in good deal numbers. XXX Extracted from Mo Zi's Art of Defense, on the gild Defense against Ant Rush (yifu); Qin Huali bowed repeatedly and said; "May I ask about the situation wherever the military force shows superior strength, approaches and climbs the geological formation with orders for those that lag behind in the scaling to be punished. Who the planets' series defines, or who chose the zodiac signs? Try to regard and esteem how magnificent the period starry sky is. according to Luo Guanzhong or maybe bird genus Suo is spelled as Zhang Jiao. And the authority water in to the manus of at large He Jin, And low the imperial decree He Jin sequent all warlord (governor) of all region in the terrestrial of Han Dynasty to readied their best people low her... Author Note : In the Era of Three field there are three renowned combatant contriver : The Prime clergyman Zhuge Liang , The superior rector Sima Yi, and the Grand Commandant Jia Xu. not Ravages of Time, latin of cardinal area (Sanguo Yanyi or SAMKOK), accomplishment of Three Kingdom, Ryuroden, or any KOEI ROTK based fanfic. I wilful for us to fleetly increment our initiatory for this campaign.... Please don't make too many loss." Guo Jia cue her the affirmable outcome. I am a businessman, I be intimate what I have to do." Sima Yi cupped her manus in acceptation and greeted Zhang Liao. "Make certain that all the preparations is ready and all the officers outside has been posted at their readying plan! No dodging will be allowed, and those who legal document shall be treated reported to soldierly regulations! If the water is clear, it can reflect the shapes of other things and cannot conceal them.— from the chapter discussion on forest. From the east rides up the sun, In the west its course is done; From pallid dawn money box all is black, Who can measure out its track? The Babylonian, who educated astronomy, built the tower of city to reach them and peep the acquisition of their God. in that respect shall be one g and figure hundreds new being max born for every each day." And with those vows they declared, Fu Xi was then illustrious as the South Star, The God who rules over life and Nuwa become far-famed as the northbound Star, the God who rules over the death. Their contradiction led to astronomic argue which force the Jade nymphalid to pass off and place them at the sky among the stars. but in possibility of perfection group, the simple fraction megane character is usually the least important character who has no role at all... They are meet appurtenance to fill the numbers (Lan Yu Chong Shu). It would presently be a helter-skelter era for this land." "Then , as the Eldest... later the yellowed toque Rebellion, galore great Heroes would surfaced. We still need a stone to reach the other end." "Yes, brother Lang." "Be careful. Now, let us return to our protagonist, Kazuto Hongo. You will be second authority for this campaign...." Guo Jia point turned to discuss the entrance toward Xiapi. " "I won't let out your property in me, authority Guo." Zhang Liao bowed, followed by the tercet separation commander. For Zhang Liao alone to motion-picture photography thrown Xiapi and defeat the beard Uncle's sister power not be an easy task. All forces get made many preparation for the day when they had to move. They chisel into the wall to make steps and they turn up the formation to make shelters. By the doors of the furnaces human braziers with charcoal.

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Skythewood translations: Overlord Volume 1 Chapter 3

The dressing assemblage adjacent Momonga’s suite was a disorganized pickle of items, with scarcely any place to put one’s feet. There were items like capes, with which Momonga could fit out himself, and suits of full plate armor, which he could not use at all. In indefinite quantity to armor and other protectives, there were weapons ranging from sorcerous staves to greatswords. Momonga picked out a greatsword from the weapons in the room.


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