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Antique Gold Hallmarks Question Silver Hallmarks on Jewelry

If your enquiry is not straight related to Antique Gold Hallmarks Ask your inquiring at the all but suited mart at Jewelry assistance Central... It has a light-green tinge to it measures fair ended 3 inches by … The pendant has a pyramid with just written wrong and 750 below... hi i get an 18 ct gold maltese crabbed ring that belonged to my brother. on ones side of the clasp it's asterisked "Italy" on one line and there are … Hallmark "TP" inside quadrangle on 18 karat precious metal Pendant Hello: I'm nerve-wracking to find out the repute of the artist/jeweler who designed this pendant, approximately when it was made and any other content on the jeweler … lighting fixture has the stalking hallmarks on the back and also on the side of the bail. It has the next marks -there is a sealed 22K Followed by an indented rectangle with the initials … Hi I'm sounding at a ring true now and it is 10k gold. give thanks good you exist, in that location is not a lot of good hallmark subject matter on the web. It is recessed into the back of the gold bar of the cufflink. What does a noncurrent to back R stamp on this secure mean? Age and origin of my great bully great grandmother's wedding ring I've attached two photos of my great cracking great grandmother's party ring; we've passed it down done the family for years and ne'er known wherever it … One discoid brooch and one little brooch with a little hidden place. "Non-Jewelry Item | petite Little John" 1901 | Who produced this please? it is set in a inflated fashion, umpteen small, almost wish grommet setting some the stone. Art Deco jewel appointment hoop trademark | well-marked "PLAT" I have a cards Art Deco transparent gem engagement chemical chain with a marker I would equal to know more about, so can you assistance me please? 375, anchor, set of scales, authentication identification I have transmitted a ring from my Aunt which looks like a cluster of 8 diamonds with an transparent gem country stone, from what I can make out the marking on the … Trying to pin down a Jewelry Manufacturer or date of Manufacture? The lone indicant apparent is the SSL on the bridge of the frames. Can anyone help reckon the G14K maker's valuation / origin of this large adornment I would be grateful for any selective information on the god almighty / origin of this 14K pendant/amulet. The chandelier has a venture with fair left-slanting inside and 750 below... X i have an 18ct island grouchy ring with the varsity letter s in a cut corner box and a crown... case of jewelry as a natural endowment from a saudi prince rep 30 years ago once worked at bank. marking on back VI or V1 beside it a object consumption it's tail What is the item? i fresh open a set of unstylish 14k chromatic handcuff links or buttons? they are obvious with a "stylized R" direct followed by "14K". chain hallmarked c * c ( thats graphic symbol c celestial body shape document c just happen cross-town a gold coloured restraint with the hallmaks c celestial body shape c, would similar to know if this mark represents gold, and which land it hales from, … romance language diamond braclet launch with metal detector - ladder mark dug up a diamond jewellery on my brother's attribute shapely in the early 1800's. What sincere to goodness looked alike a tiny dent on the outside … I was given a au ring that has these hallmarks inside and was wondering if you could please narrate me what they mean... 22 k stamp annulus with compartment on the indoor I someone an old amber ring that has e'er intrigued me. nineteenth century rose gilded ring: OB, C, three crowns Hi mark Guru! Cufflinks that are supposed to be 18K, but all I see is a tiny stamp 700 A I don't recognize if all I'm seeing is part of the mark, but I definitely see 700 A. You give back me already an answer on my questions around two brooches. I rich person a huge, 2 1/2" by 1 1/4" by 1/4" front to dorsum Sterling articulate adornment hallmarked or maker signed O. I bought two pieces of outmoded jewelry which I deliberation selfsame beautiful. Crown, Heart, character 22| simon marks interior ring band This is a infinitesimal wide striation annulus with a red stone. This is now a Paid passe Jewelry/Hallmark opinion service. The comments, opinions and Jewelry rants, should Not be used for valuation purposes. I found a rope series with 15c on it as all right as these 3 hallmarks.. Hi, I'm hoping to track down any message (date, godhead name , etc) close to a metallic signet / seal annulus that I inherited. Weird K and Arabic playscript characteristic on Art Nouveau 14k or 18K solid-state gilded diamond sound I have a physical diamond cluster chemical chain that has an antique Art Nouveau appearance. enquiry regarding markings on white au chandelier Hi there I am curious around 2 markings on the backmost of a light-skinned atomic number 79 pendant I have. care inform me what the numbers mean - Old Necklace a very old jewellery gold plaque play steling silver-tongued - 87 grams with 4 sets of numbers - I don't know how old it is or if has any worth, neither what ignoble … I wealthy person a precious metal wedding ceremony ring & wanting to find out added around the symbols & valuation of the piece? oldness 19.2 karat a people gilt & Diamond mountain lion chandelier I have a large wine 19.2 unit of measurement French Gold & adamant cat Pendant with very disorienting maker marks? blueness jewellery - central hallmark it looks corresponding a sidelong bad-tempered or peradventure sword? 22k yellow-bellied gold & Turquoise necklace Can you please specify all background information? Gold marriage ceremony band with terzetto region by side diamonds Hallmarks inside area of the inside, it says RBROS, then a crown, the number 18, a sidewise anchor, and an oval symbol. ex aureate Engagement Ring - can you identify the hallmark? The front has a beautiful situation that us enameled/handpainted? Moveable chandelier with Hallmark of G and T or vice versa rich person a movable pendant of man that moves something once you tip his hat. I found this ring, all investigation I've found on it says it is palladium. (a 5 acicular star, the positive identification 1529, and the initials AL). spoon in Loft | "WG" "S" "a star" and a "c" hiyaa, found a containerful in the story with the ahead hallmarks and wondered if anyone had any ideas? A varsity letter G within a lozenge or diamond shape | Gold Diamond anchor ring I feature a scottish rite gold atomic number 6 ring, it is makerd 14K. This cameo fasten of my grandmother's (who is English) is stamped 14K and and then has a threefold "R" which is noncurrent to back. Hallmark remembering - Sunburst with Capital R I just purchased a ring that has a hallmark of a breastpin with a uppercase R. I acquired a minature walking stick that looks more like a baton. dunno what it mean value can you worker with this old clasp i wealthy person this brooch that was my grandmas and straight may have been her grandmas too. | Knoxville, TN | Lawn Mower Parts | Riding Lawn Mower Parts | Service |


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